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I  have worked as a Cinematographer a in cinema and television for almost 25 years.


I have witnessed the dramatic changes that the profession has brought. I have retained the work ethic from the era of film a as well as the love of soft images, low lighting, the organic and deep black. 

My documentary experience has taught me how to capture natural light and how best to light it without affecting it's natural beauty. Also how to work under a time constriction with very little equipment. 

Wildlife films have helped me develop my sense of observation, patience and how to react to and not to miss the "decisive moment".

I consider multi-skilling as my strength. I have filmed hyenas by night, followed bears for 3D movie, and more recently I created the lighting for the VR exhibition "The Enemy". 

I'm also used to working alongside large crews and adapt easily. The filming of "The First Man" filmed in South Africa brought together all of the techniques of an action film: FX, outdoor chroma keying, fires, day for night, outdoor night time filming, stunts, prosthetics and Fx make up. Some sequences demanded the skills and know-how of over a 100 members of crew.

From working in partnership with artists such as Robert Wilson or Ange Leccia to working on Louis Vuitton fashion shows, I enjoy the challenge of bringing the artists creations to life. Each creation demands a different approach to pictures.


The important components that I look for on a film set are a combination of hard work, good management, a pleasant atmosphere with the crew and overall a great show of talent. 

Image for me has always been my primary form of expression. 

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